Naagin 3 written update, January 6, 2019: Sumitra and Yuvi kill Bela, Vikrant, Vishakha and Naagrani maa

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In the most recent scene of Naagin 3, Bela attempts her best in making Mahir recall everything. At the sanctuary, Vikrant and Vishakha are with Naagrani maa and they talk about keeping the naagmani at a sheltered place. Yuvi comes and takes a stab at driving Bela however Mahir influences him to get it. Sumitra achieves the sanctuary and stops Vikrant, Vishakha and Naagrani maa. Naagrani maa endeavors to change into a snake however because of the effects of belpatra she can’t take type of a snake.

Vikrant conflicts with his mom Sumitra and secures Naagrani maa. Naagin 3 He even uncovers that Sumitra stole the Naagmani and afterward she was boycotted from the Naagvansh. Vikrant discloses to Sumitra that she should slaughter him before hurting Vishakha and Naagrani Maa.

Sumitra traps Vishakha and Vikrant in the belpatra. While, on the opposite side, Mahir and Yuvi get into a monstrous battle. Sumitra asks Yuvi to slaughter Bela and Mahir. Bela attempts to change herself into naagin however Sumitra chomps her. Naagrani Maa expels belpatra from Vikrant and Vishakha. Bela goes to slaughter Yuvi and Sumitra cautions her to stop else she will murder her mom.

Naagrani maa escapes from that point however Sumitra gets her naags to assault Vish, Vikrant and Naagrani maa. Yuvi and Sumitra hold Bela. Sumitra asks her naags to assault Vikrant, Vishakha and Naagrani maa. Yuvi slaps Vishakha and afterward Vikrant and Yuvi get into a battle.

Yuvi pushes Vikrant and Vishakha down the slope. Bela advises Naagrani maa to run yet Sumitra shoots her on the leg. Mahir gains awareness however till at that point, Sumitra has hit another shot in Naagrani maa’s chest. She at that point diverts Naagrani maa from the bluff. Bela loses her quiet and assaults everybody. Sumitra later tosses Bela down the mountains.

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