Engravable Silver Latching Bangle Bracelet

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This engravable silver bangle locks shut in the front for a present day arm jewelery configuration that is fun and astonishing. Etch a wrist trinket with a name, date, or word that is essential to you. This same silver hook wristband comes in rose gold and gold plated forms as well, yet we cherish the sterling silver lock bangle. Customize your arm jewelery on the web and make it your own by etching the front with something to make it a one-o-a-kind piece only for you.

Rose Gold 3 Engravable Ring Set

We think the main thing superior to anything one specially designed ring, is three stackable engraved rings. These specially designed engravable groups can be blended and coordinated or purchased in sets of 1, 2, or 3 as observed here. They come in 3 silver ring sets, or 2 gold ring sets, or you could get one independent from anyone else in silver and get two in rose gold and match them all together. This engraved name ring can hold your to begin with, center, and last name or you could blessing an arrangement of rings for mother with her kids’ names engraved on each ring.

Dark Cord Engravable Bolo Bracelet

In the event that you didn’t have a clue, bolo wristbands, particularly adaptable bolo armlets, are to a great degree famous. In addition to the fact that they are engraved with names, dates, or even facilitates, yet with a customizable wristband strap they’ll fit right unfailingly. This movable dark rope wrist trinket can include your initials as well. Have your three initials engraved Necklaces on the front and even wear it as a custom seal armlet bolo.

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