Ceaseless Integration and Delivery of Apache Spark Applications at Metacog

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This is a visitor blog from our companions at Metacog.

Luis Caro is the Lead Cloud and DevOps Architect at Metacog, where he is in charge of the security and versatility of the whole stage.

Doug Stein is the CTO of Metacog, where he is in charge of item methodology and advancement; he serves as the item proprietor and voice of the market.

At Metacog, we have been utilizing Databricks as our improvement and creation condition for more than one year. Amid this time we manufactured a strong ceaseless joining (CI) framework with Databricks, which enables us to discharge item enhancements essentially quicker. douglas stein In this blog, we will portray how we’ve constructed the CI framework with Databricks, GitHub, Jenkins, and AWS.

What is Metacog?

Metacog enables organizations to supplant oversimplified evaluation (e.g. various decision) with genuine execution undertakings (scored by machine learning calculations educated by client provided scoring rubrics and preparing sets). We do this by offering a learning investigation API-as-a-benefit, which enables us to decipher a man’s collaborations (i.e., continuous occasions) with an online manipulative into a precise appraisal of their comprehension. The item gives our clients an API and JSON wire arrange for expansive scale ingestion, examination, and providing details regarding “Metacognitive action streams” (how the student handles an open-finished execution assignment – not simply the last answer). See for a case; this is an execution undertaking went for center school science. The Metacog stage is pertinent to learning (guideline, preparing, or evaluation) in K-12, postsecondary, corporate, military, and so on.

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