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I have always searched for good gun safes for my stock of guns. But what makes me wonder where I got my things wrong is the time management. My previous gun safe took me around like 3-4 minutes just to open and access my stash. Well it was a tough and bad decision to but this gun safe. Honestly speaking I got into the hoax or sales skills of the salesman and got robbed. Considering that I open my gun safe thrice a day that means I waste almost 12 minutes a day for something which is possible in few seconds these days.

If you are considering why I open my gun safe then its because I store more stuff than just guns like cash, jewellery, real estate documents and some other important stuff. So I searched around the web and looked for reviews that where just not click baits. Luckily I came across this website and this gun safe in this below picture and it turned out to be great.

After some sleepless nights and anxiety whether  I made the right decision or not. The gun safe arrived with in the same week of order. It was exactly like described by tell me best. The interior was quite spacious around 56.6 x 19.3 x 14.88 and I could easily store around 10 long guns in this. The best part of this gun safe was that I could access it anytime of the day I wanted with in few seconds thanks to the biometric lock. Just by placing my finger like on the cell phones these days. The gun safe opened it door for me. I took out my valuable and close it in a jiffy. Pretty easy and totally worth it the money I spent it on.

The heavy weight of the gun safe ensure that no thief can simply pick it up and run away. Another fun fact is the ability to customise the interior columns of the gun safe. I quickly edited the gun safe interior to make space for my small gems and other documents at the top. It was easy to manipulate and worked exactly like described in the manual. But what I did not like about this safe was that it was quite heavy and made my life hell difficult when I decided to move it around the home the second time.

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