Activity Tickets in Connecticut

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What to Do If You Get a Traffic Ticket in Connecticut

There is never a decent time to get activity tickets. A movement reference isn’t just distressing, yet it can sting monetarily and can include focuses onto your Connecticut driver’s permit.

Is a Court Appearance Required?

Court isn’t generally obligatory. In the event that you got minor Connecticut movement tickets, you don’t need to show up in court. On the off chance that you have been given a noteworthy activity ticket, traffic school Connecticut court will probably be prescribed. A noteworthy ticket would incorporate DUI’s, driving under a suspended permit, rash driving, causing a mischance, endeavoring to out-run a cop, and so forth.

Your Options

In the event that you wind up on the less than desirable end of activity tickets in Connecticut, you have a few choices that are accessible. We should investigate some of them.

Alternative 1 – Pay Your Ticket

With this alternative, you are settling on the decision to concede that you’re liable of the infraction put upon you. You at that point need to sign, date and send in the reference alongside the cash to pay the expense. This must be finished by the date that is on your reference. Read the reference ticket deliberately to ensure that you comprehend what should be done and by when.

Your choices on paying the ticket are by on the web, mail, or via telephone.

1) To pay your ticket via mail, send the marked reference and your installment to the Centralized Infractions Bureau, PO Box 5044, Hartford, CT 06102-5044.

2) You may likewise pay on the web and ensure you have a noteworthy Mastercard and your reference number prepared. Paying on the web could set aside a considerable measure of opportunity to process your installment.

On the off chance that installment isn’t gotten by the due date on your ticket, you will pay an extra expense of $60 alongside your permit being suspended and after that there is an extra charge of $175 to restore your driver’s permit.

Choice 2 – Plead Not Guilty and Request a Trial

On the off chance that you feel that you’ve gotten the reference unreasonably, you have the alternative to argue not liable and ask for a trial. This ask for must be made to the courts previously the due date on your reference.


Once the court gets your demand, they will tell you of the court date, time, and where to show up. There might be an expense connected, so make sure to pay the charge before any end date.

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